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Why Edafio?

A hallmark of Edafio is our commitment to employing experienced, senior-level engineers with deep experience and industry knowledge. With 22 full-time staff, including 19 engineers, our century-and-a-half of combined complex technological experience ensures that clients’ networks remain stable, efficient and safe.

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Areas of Expertise

We offer years of experience in  Managed Services, Strategic Consultation, IT Security & Disastery Recovery.

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2014 Business of the Year Nomination

Edafio has been nominated for Business of the Year, Category I. This award honors the state's most outstanding businesses, regardless of line of business, and is voted on by an independent panel of judges. We know that it’s our customer’s successes that has made Edafio not only the leading Technology Partner in Arkansas, but also considered one of the top businesses overall.

IT Consulting

Unless you are a very blessed with a large staff of Information Technology experts, chances are you are going to find yourself in need of outside help at some point. The challenges that face a company today are greater than ever and very few have a staff that is an expert in all fields. That’s where Edafio Technology Partners can step in and help. We are Little Rock’s largest solution provider and we can provide industry standard solution’s to:
  1. Security Issues – Just take a quick look at the latest virus watch list
  2. Regulatory Compliance such as PCI and HIPAA to name just two of the more common challenges businesses are facing.
  3. Virtualization Challenges – Ready to reduce your datacenter footprint with a solution from VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V ?
  4. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity decisions.
  5. Cloud based migrations of certain infrastructure.
These are just a few of the challenges that can face today’s executive leadership. A small investment in your time discussing your opportunities can save you time, money, and ensure success of your project.

Steve Tobak has a great article about why IT consulting makes sense and can be read here.

Benefits of Virtualization

Have you been hearing about the benefits of virtualization but really don’t understand what all of the fuss is about?

VMware has a helpful article explaining the benefits for your small business. It’s not just for the Fortune 500!

Another great solution is Microsoft’s very own Hyper-V. Check out what people are saying about it here and here.


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