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Why Edafio?

A hallmark of Edafio is our commitment to employing experienced, senior-level engineers with deep experience and industry knowledge. With 30 full-time staff, including 28 engineers, our century-and-a-half of combined complex technological experience ensures that clients’ networks remain stable, efficient and safe.

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Areas of Expertise

We offer years of experience in  Managed Services, Strategic Consultation, IT Security & Disastery Recovery.

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We're Growing, We're Growing

We are proud to announce our merger with Coleman Technologies of Little Rock. This merger makes Edafio the largest provider of EMR/EHR implementation and support services to the medical industry in Arkansas.
And, we recently opened our office in Northwest Arkansas. You can now find our experienced engineers providing managed IT services from North Little Rock and Rogers. This new office will help us better meet the needs of our clients in NWA and bring our superior engineering and excellent customer service to new clients in the region.

Tips on Avoiding CryptoMalware to Stay Safe Online

At Edafio Technologies, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to protect our clients, and we strive to stay on the cutting edge of threat prevention. One example of this is the recent rise of cryptomalware that struck a number of firms both large and small and is currently holding untold amounts of customer data ransom for online payments in the form of Bitcoin. This blog from Symantec shows that Australia has been especially hard hit by the threats that we also saw at a few clients just this past week. 

What’s interesting to us about this article in particular is that we can see the lengths hackers go throught to make their email addresses and websites look legitimate to trick end users, and reminds us why it is important to stay vigilant.

Don't Panic! This is just a picture of CryptoMalware's Ransom Screen

It’s always useful to be extra cautious about emails that seem fishy or too good to be true. At Edafio, we would remind you to take a moment and make sure the message fits known patterns:

  • Has my bank/credit union sent me emails like this before? If so, what email addresses did they use, and how could I verify the email? Often times, a 5 minute phone call could have saved a 5 hour disk defragmentation!
  • Does the message fit in the timeframe where I would normally get email alerts? For example, if my electric bill usually comes on the 15th, be weary of notices from dates that differ from the norm.
  • Or with “package delivery” emails, were you expecting a delivery of some kind?

Anything out of the ordinary should be treated with caution, so be safe out there, and check back soon for more helpful tips from Edafio Technologies!

Edafio Announces Merger with Coleman Technologies

Edafio Technology Partners is pleased to announce its merger with Coleman Technologies, a leading Arkansas IT services company for medical clinics.  The combined firms began operating as Edafio Technology Partners on July 1.
Following the merger, Edafio Technology Partners, headquartered in North Little Rock, became the largest provider of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) implementation and support services to the medical industry in Arkansas.
“We are excited to officially announce that Edafio Technology Partners has merged with Coleman Technologies,” said Keith Woodruff, president and CEO of Edafio Technology Partners.  “Both companies share similar goals and values so the transition to operate as one company will be a smooth one.  Both Don (founder and CEO of Coleman Technologies) and I agree that the merger will be extremely beneficial to our companies and, most importantly, our clients.”

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